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If you have a new place and you need a plastering contractor to take care of all the wall or Searching for a professional plastering contractor can be a challenging task! Not anymore, call A Bodhir today and let him guide you to have the best results!ceiling coverings you have to talk to one man, A Bodhir. Do you need to refurbish your home or offices both from the inside or outside? Are you planning any refurbishments or you need to improve your nest? We can do anything you have in mind.

A Bodhir has long years of experience in this industry and he has worked for various companies and on a lot of domestic projects. Ali is a very trustworthy individual who does his best on all the projects he is entrusted into. He has a wide portfolio of clients who worked with Ali.

Plastering can be done on various surfaces. Do you need to cover interior walls to make the surfaces smoother? Or are you planning to apply gypsum but your gypsum contractor doesn’t do plastering? Don’t waste time worrying and searching for a person, call A Bodhir today. Ali can discuss what colours you have in mind and can follow any image or instructions you give him to make sure you are more than happy with the final result.

More about our Company

More about our Company

If you just bought a new place and you need to carry out a lot of refurbishing and fixes to be able to move into your new place we can even do these tasks for you. Ali has all the machinery needed to accomplish any project that comes his way. Old houses might need a lot of work which an ordinary person doesn’t notice. An experienced person can give you a very detailed explanation of what is needed to be done for your place to be safe and comfortable.

Call the most professional person and let him guide you and recommend all the required works. Ali can help you choose the best products for your premises. Today the industry has evolved and a wide range of each product can be found on the market. Don’t overwhelm yourself, talk to the expert and trust him that he is recommending the best.

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A plastering contractor can work on various surfaces and on both interior and exterior projects. An experienced person will use the best products for what you need and according to your location. Discuss what you have in mind and he will do the work.

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